Our Story

Kith & Kin means Friends & Family

There’s nothing more important to us than our friends and our family.  We want to celebrate the good times and bad times with them.  We want to remember the amazing memories we created together.  This love of our friends and family embodies everything we do here at Kith & Kin.  From the reasons for starting this brand, to our small family run office, the partners we work with, to selecting the perfect designs we feel that our friends and family would find meaningful, timeless and beautiful.  Everything centers around our friends and family!

We hope you will find something in our store that creates amazing memories for your kith and kin too!

-- Kith & Kin


Jennifer and @iambuddythecorgi
Jennifer is featured with her beloved @iambuddythecorgi

After 20 years in the corporate world and balancing a busy household, I felt the need to look at my priorities in life and question whether there was something else in store for me.  Being on the road for weeks on end or busy with meetings, left little time for my family, my friends and even myself!

As I pondered “what next”, I knew I had to take time out for me first before embarking on a new adventure.  I quit my job, took a 6 month sabbatical to declutter my house and life, embraced my love of jewelry and completed a GIA Diamond Grading course and just spent time with my family and friends.   My sabattical flew by but I loved every minute of it and highly recommend it.

Thus began an idea to be a Mumtrepreneur and build a business that would allow me to have work – life balance and most importantly, be able to spend time with those that I care about most.   I was immediately drawn to creating a jewelry brand and wanted something that reflected who I was and the things I find important when selecting a piece of jewelry, irrespective of the price.  I wanted jewelry that would be considered timeless, understated but sophisticated, something that would work for any occasion, beautifully hand crafted and a piece that would be meaningful to the giver or receiver.  And so, Kith & Kin was born.

I hope you too will treasure these beautiful pieces of jewelry and enable you to celebrate your love and friendship.

--Jennifer Seeto